The 1960 Plymouth Sonoramic Commando Guide

a book by Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis spent 36 years working for Chrysler Corporation then Daimler Chrysler before retiring in 2001. He is a charter member of The Friends of Chrysler Heritage and is on the advisory board of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Since retirement, he has researched many Plymouth and Dodge special models (62-65 Max Wedge and Race Hemi's) and has published eight books from this work. This latest book adds to that work. Included in this book are public and dealer announcements, coding guides, prices, production figures, a complete copy of the Ross Roy Data Book that was sold to the dealers. It also includes a complete serial number listing of every Sonoramic Plymouth built, including options, in every plant.

This book and others from Darrell Davis is available from Greg Lane's site You may reach Darrell at "".

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